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STINGER 4, 6, 9                         From $749.00


STINGER DISK                             $1349.00


JET 4, 6, 9                                           From $749.00    


JET DISK                                      $1049.00  







The aero section on Jet 4 FR wheels is molded from a stiffer and lighter 1K fabric, saving 30 g per rim. Flamme Rouge Sonic hubs are built to the same exacting tolerances as regular sonics, but reduce weight with a carbon hub shell and forged titanium ratchet ring. Abec5 bearings are used for durability and low rolling resistance. Ti skewers are lighter than stock steel ones. The Scandium alloyed rims on FR wheels are lighter, stronger, and stiffer than unalloyed models.

Sometimes simple is better, and the explanation the Stinger 6 Flamme Rouge might be one of those times.  We start with our fastest road wheels, the ones that have lower drag than any wheel up to 82mm deep.  The same wheels that Euro pros are winning races on – they’re that fast and that durable.

.The Hed disc is where it all began, and in 2009 the new Disc Jet is poised to pick up where the Standard disc left off

For weight reduction the FR Stinger disc is built with specially laid up high modulus aero sides, the hub contains a lightweight titanium ratchet ring, and the wheel is supplied with a Hed Titanium skewer.

Stinger wheels are designed for 23mm tires. Aerodynamically this is the
optimum width.


Our H3 wheels offer full on aero performance in any conditions. The key to the wide range of performance is the combination of a 55mm deep rim section, the airfoil section spokes and the smooth transitions between the two. The 55mm deep rim keeps drag low at shallow yaw angles. When the yaw angle goes past 15° the aero spokes work to keep the wheel from stalling, and drag stays flat. The optimum wind angle for the H3 is an amazing 17.5°. H3 clinchers are made with a light and durable alloy rim cap. Tubulars are offered in either alloy rim cap or all carbon


H3 TUBULAR                                     $799.00

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