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Attack / Force                  Cost $114.00 Set



121 W. Washington St.

Minneola, Fl 34755

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Grand Prix Thiathlon        Cost  $59.99


Durability in all conditions


More than 3,700 miles of tread life in Michelin tests, thanks to its reinforced black rubber mixture

High-density anti-puncture reinforcement and special overlapping ply design

The ideal balance


10 grams lighter, with 25% more grip than previous MICHELIN Lithion tire model

Herringbone tread pattern, silica compound

Easily mistaken for tires costing much more

Built to be the ultimate long-distance road tire


Soft rubber compound on the front for added grip and safety

Special wear-resistant rubber mix on the rear for efficiency and durability

25mm width front and rear for a smooth ride, plus high-density anti-puncture reinforcement

High performance for when you need grip most


20% more grip in wet conditions than MICHELIN Pro3 Race tires, thanks to special Super Grip rubber mixture

High-density anti-puncture reinforcement

Speed and light weight


Only 185 grams (700x23c)

Incredible rolling efficiency

Designed for uncompromising speed and performance

*Exceeding the safe, legal speed limit is neither recommended nor endorsed

The peloton's benchmark


20%* more grip in the center of the tread, and 40%* more grip on the shoulders.

Extremely low rolling resistance, high-density puncture protection and a weight of just 200 grams

Cost: $37.99

Cost: $60.95

Cost: $60.95

Cost: $60.95

Cost: $57.99

Cost: $47.99


The GP Triathlon is fast. Still, it is safe enough to ride the volcano thanks to its Vectran Breaker. With the ingredients of the pro road tires and the looks of a fast slick Hawaii champion we are the first in running shoes

The end of the training ride leads through beautiful landscapes - a pleasure. Getting ahead of your training partner by sprinting for place-name signs - a must! The Ultra Race supports your ambitions. The race orientated tread and the quick and comfortable 60 tpi casing plus puncture protection emphasizes your technical demands

The all black Grand Prix 4000 S catches the eye with its big silver labels. Aggressive and posh alike it matches every high-end racebike perfectly. With the reduction to black and silver the Grand Prix 4000S does not clash with the frames` colour or rim stickers. S stands for sport, special and “schwarz“ – the german term for black

A durable carbon black mixture, a well regarded puncture protection system and DuraSkin-anti-cut fabric turn the Ultra GatorSkin into a real long distance runner. In varying widths from 23mm to 32mm it can be used on the way to work as well for training for road races or for sportifs and audax. A durable, tougt tyre at a really nice price. A modern tread design that collects less debris and the expansion of the product line to the new dimension 28-559 for fast MTB street riding

Front and rear tires have different tasks. Steering and braking forces are transmitted on the front, Whilst the rear transmits the driving forces and bears the majority of the cyclist's weight. Subsequently, the two tires in the Continental tire positioning system (TPS) have been designed differently



Ultra Race                           Cost: $29.99


GatorSkin                                 Cost: $39.99



GatorShell                                Cost: $49.99


Grand Prix 4000 S                Cost: $59.99

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